Agriculture & Livestock Unit

Agriculture and Livestock Unit

SAJIDA Foundation started an Agriculture and Livestock Unit in 2013. This unit proposes to boost agricultural productivities and generate employment in rural areas. The program relies on the advancement of farming and livestock rearing conventions to ensure food security for vulnerable stakeholders. SAJIDA Foundation implements the program through six agro-based Microfinance branches. These branches are officed in Dewanganj, Bahadurabad, and Taratia of Jamalpur District, and Hathajari, Nazirhat, and Rawjan of Chittagong District. The unit/branches is/are staffed by two agriculturists, one veterinarian, and one aqua-culturist in tandem with other technical staffers. Additionally, all six microfinance branches disburse seasonal agricultural loans to sustain farmers in need.

Draftees are awarded grants, receive technical training, attend demonstrations, and obtain necessary inputs under the program. New technologies and practices are disseminated through workshops, “field” days, and training exercises. Lesson modules open to agrarian clients address use of farming inputs, seed and feed varieties, as well as technologies and methods. Those affiliated with Livestock and Fisheries are updated on commercial and small-scale advances in livestock, poultry, and fish rearing. A complete list of drills and lessons available to project patrons follows below. SAJIDA Foundation branches, staffed with agriculturists, are utilized as advice centers for affiliated croppers and planters. Conscripts also receive veterinarian backing for livestock in the form of vaccinations and de-worming medicines. SAJIDA Foundation also assists in maximizing the agricultural value chain by linking farmers to markets.

List of Demonstrations on Input Use, Technologies and Methods