SAJIDA Foundation started its journey in 1987 as a humble educational initiative for underprivileged +children. It was launched as a privately-funded school in the garage of the founder’s residence. As the Foundation established itself as a formal NGO and grew to acquire new programs, education has remained a priority. As such, SAJIDA Foundation operates a non-formal primary education program and offers scholarships under the umbrella of its Nirapotta microinsurance platform.

In partnership with BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee), SAJIDA Foundation administers non-formal primary education in the districts of Jamalpur and Sunamganj. The program operates a total of thirty-two non-formal primary schools with 951 students. Twenty-six of these branches are located in Jamalpur, while six are located in Sunamganj and Netrokona. The schools operate in remote or inaccessible regions in these districts. These institutes provide the opportunity to learn to children who have either dropped out of school or who have never attended. Children between the ages of eight to ten years are registered in the program.

SAJIDA Foundation has also launched specialized schools as part of its Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households Towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH) or SAMRIDDHI program. ENRICH is implemented in the Battazore Union under Bakshibong sub-district of Jamalpur targeting poor households. The primary school dropout rate in rural Bangladesh continues to be significant. Since poverty is the biggest contributing factor to the significant primary school dropout rate in rural areas, the program launched specialized schools in every neighborhood of the Union. These schools provide children of poor households are provided daily lessons every afternoon at a particular location while special attention, close supervision, and monitoring are built in to ensure that every child receives the assistance he or she requires to succeed in primary school.

As part of its social safety-net insurance product, Nirapotta grants SAJIDA scholarships to the children of its insurance “cardholders”. A scholarship amount of BDT 500 monthly is awarded after applying a set of eligibility criterion, including a stipulation that the child continues to progress academically. Currently 744 children have been approved for scholarships under the program. Regular check-ups are conducted to ascertain if students are making satisfactory progress and whether further interventions are required.