MicrofinanceMicrofinance Statistics5 Years Performance AnalysisCore Loan ProductsDevelopment FinancingPre-Approved LoanCustomer Loyalty ProgramSavings ProgramProductivity IndicatorsMicrofinance For millions of poor and extreme poor [...]


SAMRIDDHIProgram ActivitiesAchievementsImpactSAMRIDDHI The Samriddhi program which is also referred to as Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households Towards [...]

Agriculture & Livestock Unit

Agriculture & Livestock UnitProgram ActivitiesAchievementsImpactAgriculture & Livestock Unit SAJIDA Foundation has undertaken activities under the Agricultural and Livestock Unit with [...]

Nirapotta / Microinsurance

Nirapotta / MicroinsuranceNirapotta BenefitsNirapotta Trend AnalysisFuture DirectionNirapotta / Microinsurance SAJIDA’s Nirapotta program provides insurance services for the poor who are [...]
Financial Inclusion – OPTIX

Financial Inclusion – OPTIX

Optimizing Performance Through Improved Cross(X) - sell (OPTIX) The OPTIX program, implemented by SAJIDA Foundation from February 2015 is a [...]

ILUEP-PDC (Amrao Manush)

ILUEP-PDC (Amrao Manush)Services for Pavement Dwellers Achievements at a glanceImpactILUEP-PDC (Amrao Manush) Rapid urbanisation has been a key driver in [...]
Water Credit Project

Loans for Water and Sanitation

Ensuring Access to WASH by Offering Customized Loan and Software Services supported by Water.org One of the major barriers to [...]