Institute of Health Sciences

Institute Of Health Sciences

SAJIDA Foundation’s Institute of Health Science started its journey in September 2011 in the premise of its Hospital in Keraniganj, Dhaka. The Institute aims to develop patient friendly, empathetic, effective communicators, and responsible service providers, to cater to the demand of SAJIDA Foundation’s two existing and future hospitals. The four years Paramedics Program involves one year of theoretical courses and three years of practical training through placement at the Keraniganj and Narayanganj hospital. The course curriculum includes clinical care, pharmacy, and laboratory sciences. The program recruits students from the community around the hospitals who do not have the economic means to undertake this type of training. The Institute provides students interest-free loans for tuition and other expenses and jobs are guaranteed in the SAJIDA Foundation hospitals after graduation. Students receive a monthly stipend of BDT 5,000 during the practical training period and are able to repay their loans in monthly installments from this stipend.


Nurses and paramedics play a significant role to ensure a patient friendly and effective patient care in the health sector. Bangladesh suffers from a void and acute shortage of quality and qualified diploma nurses and such professionals that is most pronounced in the private sector. Only the few diploma nurses graduating are eventually absorbed by the public sector creating a vacuum into the private sector. SAJIDA’s Institute of Health Sciences seeks to bridge the gap in the health care sector by training and offering the paramedic courses to keep up a pace in availability of quality, ethical and empathetic health care professional. The Institute aims to improve and bring about a promising change to the health service delivery.

Community Paramedic Course

In March 2014 the Institute of Health Science started a two-year Community Paramedic Course approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and accredited by the Bangladesh Nursing Council. The Bangladesh Nursing Council supervises the graduation examination for this course.

Training of SAJIDA Bandhus’

The institute also conducts training for health workers of SAJIDA Foundation’s community wellness program. Two types of training are provided including 14 days basic training and a 3 days refresher training. This year 127 Sajida bandhus’ received the basic training and refreshers training.

Training Basic Cere givers for home care services

Recognizing the need for professional health care providers to care for the senior citizen, SAJIDA foundation took the initiative to train basic care givers at the IHS. To ensure professional support for the elderly or ailing members including those who are bedridden, the care givers are now ready to extend health care assistance at home.

Awareness Sessions on Health Issues

Adhunika Womens Center of SAJIDA Foundation organizes awareness session on different women’s health issues. HIS supported in conducting 14 sessions including 13 sessions on breast and cervical cancer and 1 on reproductive health and self breast examination at the Pir Mohammad Pilot School, Keraniganj.

Training NGO’s and Government Bodies

HIS also facilitated 22 training sessions organized by PARI (Netrokona based organization) and the local government on counseling for maternal and neonatal health care. 753 participants were trained including SACMO, FPI, HI, and CHCP. HIS staffs travelled across 6 upazilas’ to conduct the training sessions.

Future Strategies

The Institute is aimed to be developed as a complete and formal training institute for different training programs of the hospitals, home care services, community wellness program. Moreover the Institute will explore to host and organize national and international training programs in collaboration with national and international bodies, institutes etc.  The institute is already organizing an international training program on Trauma Evaluation and Management in collaboration with Broken Earth (A Canada based organization) where distinguished specialists from Canada to conduct and facilitate the sessions. Additionally the community paramedic course will be paced up with higher number of students and gradually expand while the institute will continue to provide training to externals like the PKSF, Other NGO’s, Institutes, etc.

SAJIDA Institute of Health Science is already in the process of collaborating with the palliative care unit of BSMMU where all the hospital staffs and home care staffs will receive a 6 weeks training on Palliative Care.