Emergency Support for Rohingya

Emergency Support for Rohingya

This year witnessed a humanitarian crisis of staggering scale caused by violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state which forced over 536,000 […]



MicrofinanceMicrofinance Statistics5 Years Performance AnalysisCore Loan ProductsDevelopment FinancingPre-Approved LoanCustomer Loyalty ProgramSavings ProgramProductivity IndicatorsMicrofinance For millions of poor and extreme poor [...]


SAMRIDDHIProgram ActivitiesAchievementsImpactSAMRIDDHI The Samriddhi program which is also referred to as Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households Towards [...]

Agriculture & Livestock Unit

Agriculture & Livestock UnitProgram ActivitiesAchievementsImpactAgriculture & Livestock Unit SAJIDA Foundation has undertaken activities under the Agricultural and Livestock Unit with [...]

Nirapotta / Microinsurance

Nirapotta / MicroinsuranceNirapotta BenefitsNirapotta Trend AnalysisFuture DirectionNirapotta / Microinsurance SAJIDA’s Nirapotta program provides insurance services for the poor who are [...]
Financial Inclusion – OPTIX

Financial Inclusion – OPTIX

Optimizing Performance Through Improved Cross(X) - sell (OPTIX) The OPTIX program, implemented by SAJIDA Foundation from February 2015 is a [...]

ILUEP-PDC (Amrao Manush)

ILUEP-PDC (Amrao Manush)Services for Pavement Dwellers Achievements at a glanceImpactILUEP-PDC (Amrao Manush) Rapid urbanisation has been a key driver in [...]
Sajida Health

SAJIDA Hospitals

Hospitals at a glanceHospital Price PackageSupport GroupsFuture PlansImpactHospitals at a glance SAJIDA operates two multidisciplinary secondary care hospitals – one [...]

Institute of Health Sciences

Institute of Health SciencesActivitiesAchievementsInstitute of Health Sciences In response to the acute Health Human Resources (HHR) crisis in Bangladesh, SAJIDA [...]

Community Wellness Program / Proshanti

SAJIDA’s Community Wellness Program – Proshanti - uses a comprehensive community-based approach to promote and encourage wellness practices and improve [...]
Malaria Control

Malaria Control

In April 2008, SAJIDA Foundation joined a consortium of 20 NGOs implementing the Bangladesh Malaria Control Program (NMCP) in partnership […]

Inner Circle

Inner Circle Psychosocial Support Centre

Psychosocial counseling amenities are very limited in Bangladesh despite an ever growing need for such resources.

Home Care

Home CareHome Care ServicesPackages and PricesAssistive Devices ShopContact UsHome Care Since 1987 SAJIDA Foundation has been one of Bangladesh’s most [...]


Improving and Promoting Access to Safe water, Sanitation and Hygiene (IMPACT) The rapid growth in the urban population has led […]



SAJIDA’s WASH project works with 12,000 employees of Ready Made Garments Factories to facilitate greater access to safe water, improve […]

Water Credit Project

Loans for Water and Sanitation

Ensuring Access to WASH by Offering Customized Loan and Software Services supported by Water.org One of the major barriers to [...]


SAJIDA Foundation’s Education program for underprivileged children started 30 years back with ten children in 1987 as a humble educational [...]
Adhunika Women’s Centre

Adhunika Women’s Centre

Adhunika Women’s CentreAdhunika Price PackageContact AdhunikaAdhunika Women’s Centre The Adhunika Women’s Centre (AWC) started its journey in 2002 with financial [...]
Sajida Training

Sajida Training

Capacity Building Unit Since its inception, SAJIDA Foundation has been driven by its belief that capacity building of internal human […]

12th CMA Award Giving Ceremony

Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards (CMA)

As part of Citi’s ongoing commitment to recognize initiatives by microentrepreneurs in order to strengthen the global entrepreneurial spirit, the […]

Disaster Response

Disaster Response

Recognizing the need to structure disaster response mechanisms in Bangladesh, SAJIDA Foundation has put into place a Disaster Response agenda [...]
Shifting the Power

Shifting the Power

Shifting the power is a UKAID funded initiative that is working with 11 consortium partners using the Strengthening Humanitarian Assessment […]