Since 1987 SAJIDA Foundation has been one of Bangladesh’s most respected and trusted non-profit providers of health, financial and social services to the country’s communities.  We deliver programs to over 6 million people in 2,328 villages, across 22 districts via a workforce of 3,340 personnel.  Our Elder Healthcare program has been specifically designed to allow people with financial means purchase the quality care that they wish for their loved ones.  It builds upon the considerable experience that we have gained providing clinical and personal care within the hospitals that we operate.  All of the profits generated from our Elder care program are reinvested to support and expand essential services for less economically advantaged patients.

In-Home Elder care is an excellent way to get the help you need. You may be caring for your aging parent and need someone to be with them to provide assistance with their daily living activities.  Alternately, your child might be at home recovering from a recent surgery and requires help with support while they recuperate.  Whatever your needs, SAJIDA Elder Healthcare offers versatile, flexible, and customized services for your peace of mind and the well-being of your loved ones.  We provide our Elder Healthcare services to people of all ages.

A unique approach

With mobility being a big issue among home-based patients, we have taken great care to design a unique and comprehensive range of services that can be delivered at home, so that visits to a hospital or clinic for treatments and testing can be minimized.  Our customized in-home Elder care packages can combine personal and clinical care,  assistive devices, physiotherapy, and much more.  We bring the service to you!


We provide the services in the way that you need

During the at-home intake assessment, we will discuss the structuring of services that best suit your needs.  We have structured the care that we provide into 3 Levels, each having a different focus.  We are able to mix Levels as a total care package to make sure that every aspect of your requirements can be taken care of.


All of our caregivers undergo comprehensive training for providing care in the home.  Potential caregivers undergo vigorous counseling and aptitude tests to understand their motivation and belonging to this service and final selection is made upon the result of the assessment. For services of Level-2 and Level-3, the project has signed an MoU to arrange a 6-weeks training on palliative care by the Center of Palliative Care, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU). The first batch consisting of 12 participants have already been trained by the center. The Level-1 caregivers are trained through the SAJIDA’s Institute of Health Sciences under the mentorship of doctors, nurses and trained personnel from BSMMU. Additionally external trainers are also hired to arrange training for the basic level of caregivers. All caregivers are subjected to continuous on-the-job training and refresher courses.  Their performance is continuously monitored by the Home Health coordinator (who is a Registered Nurse).

Supervision and Monitoring

The project comprises of a Project Coordinator and a Financial Analyst who make a weekly visit to ascertain the patient services through monitoring and checking of the attendance registers of the caregivers as well as taking feedbacks from the clients and their household members for continuous development. Additionally strong monitoring and supervision is in place to ensure that the services are properly rendered through different checklists as well as quarterly meeting with the caregivers to mitigate any challenge or probable risks. The project is implemented in direct consultation with international consultants and experts towards its development and sustainability.

Future Direction

SAJIDA Foundation is responding to the increasing demand for high quality care in the community.  Some of the initiatives that we are currently developing include:

SAJIDA Advice Centre

Often there is an immediate need for a family member or patient to seek advice when one of our caregivers is not present.  Our response to this is to set up a call centre, available 24/7.  Our call centre will assist with:

  1. Emergency situations;
  2. How to access SAJIDA’s Elder Health services;
  3. Basic information on identifying and describing health care issues;
  4. Where to go to seek specialist services;
  5. Renting or purchasing Assistive Devices from SAJIDA Foundation or other organisations.

Elder care home

A beautifully designed, planned living environment for elder full-time living located in Ashulia, just  9 kms from the Uttara suburb of Dhaka.  Accommodation will range from single unit living suites to multi-person living suites.  All suites will have their own kitchens. A number of common areas, suitable for social and recreational purposes, will be provided. Care will be provided 24/7 through caregivers living on the premises.  Particular attention is being given to providing an environmentally friendly design using natural materials that provides a warm and welcoming feel to the surroundings.

Assistive Living Centre

This will comprise a multi-storied building providing a range of care and rehabilitation services.  It is anticipated that the Assistive Living Centre will be located close to comprehensive amenities such as hospitals, clinics and shopping.


Elder Care

If you’re caring for an elder relative, you may feel exhausted as you juggle care giving duties with work, parenting and managing your own household. In fact, Bangladesh’s younger population is facing an increasingly demanding lifestyle, which often requires them to be absent from the home environment for extended periods. These factors place a burden on the quality and consistency of care that can be provided by the family in the home.

SAJIDA Home Healthcare recognizes that elders wish to spend their twilight years at home, so they can maintain their freedom and dignity.  Our goal is to help that happen and do what it takes to make a difference in their lives. Every visit. Every time. We take a compassionate and attentive approach to structure elder care in a way that respects the wishes of the patient and the needs of the family.

Recovery Assistance

When people return home from a hospital stay, they are often confronted with many new and unexpected challenges such as medication management, mobility and wound care to name a few.  Following your loved one’s hospital discharge, you can count on our experience, compassion and attention to service to ensure their complete and speedy recovery at home.

Chronic care

Chronic conditions are illnesses that last a long time, sometimes forever.  They are often difficult to manage, requiring great care in medication administration, diet discipline and ensuring that physical exercise is undertaken regularly.  In some case, chronic conditions can be debilitating requiring care beyond the ability of most family members.  SAJIDA Home Healthcare can step in to provide the care planning, compassion and time needed for people suffering from such conditions.

Respite for Family Caregivers

While caring for your loved ones is a labour of love, it is still labour. As you spend more and more of your time caring for another person, you may find yourself giving up many of the things that you currently enjoy, such as vacations, socialising or even work.  Perhaps the hard work of providing care is putting strain on your entire family.  Over time this increases your risk for depression, illness and an overall decline in your quality of life.   In fact, an estimated 46 percent to 59 percent of family caregivers suffer from clinical depression.

Despite this, you may find it difficult to pass all of the needed care giving onto a professional.  SAJIDA Home Healthcare can provide you with planning that will help you manage your time more effectively.  We have tools and resources – even adaptive devices – that can greatly assist with creating efficiency in your life as you continue to care for your loved one.  And, of course, SAJIDA Home Healthcare is there to help you manage the care should you eventually require it.


Depending on the intake-assessment and the need of the patients, the home care services are provided at three different levels.

Care Package Details Cost Per Shift (Amount in BDT.)
12 Hours 8 Hours 6 Hours
Level 1 – Caregiver Assistance with activities of daily living [ADL’s], range of motion exercises, walking, movement and positioning, oral feeding, recording and reporting vitals, and insulin administration 975 775 725
Level 2 – Caregiver Experienced nurses or paramedic-level care for patients with Tube feeding, IV medication, Catheter care, wound care, suctioning and nebulization, personal hygiene, etc. 1,275 960 870
Level 3 – Caregiver Skilled Nursing, ICU Level Care, Infusion therapy, Home medical equipment use, wound care, pain management palliative care, suctioning and nebulization, strong nursing intuition for emergency Management 1,475 1,120 1,050
Special Service Consultant, Physiotherapist, Specialist Doctors can be provided per request Prices vary according to doctor and specialty.  Please contact us for further details.
Note: Subject to inflation adjustment every year in July. 
Rates are subject to change with a prior notice period of 2 months.
Above rates are effective from 1st of November, 2018.


Assistive Devices Shop

Not only do we want to support in recovery assistance, we also want to provide items, devices and equipment which will help promote health and speed up recovery, improving the activities of daily living (ADLs). These devices comprise equipment that aid mobility and safety in the home and community setting.  Devices include: Wheelchairs and walking frames even adaptive cutlery; Grab-bars (for showers/baths); magnifiers, mattress protectors, shower chairs and are currently able to provide these and many more for purchase or rent.

Figure 1: Walker
Figure 1: Walker
Figure 4: Bath Bench
Figure 4: Bath Bench
Figure 2: Rollator
Figure 2: Rollator
Figure 5: Commode
Figure 5: Commode
Figure 3: Grab Bar
Figure 3: Grab Bar

Contact Us

We would be delighted to discuss your home health requirements with you.  Please contact our Home health Coordinator at +8801777772541, +8801777772615, Sunday – Thursday (9am – 5pm) or send an email to:

SAJIDA Foundation

OTOBI Center, 5th Floor,
Plot 12, Block CWS(C),
Gulshan South Avenue, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212


Please refer to the section "Package and Prices" for more details