Psychosocial Counseling Centre

Psychosocial counseling amenities are very limited in Bangladesh despite an ever growing need for such resources. People at all societal strata are subject to varying psychological pressures originating from a variety of sources including their family, the company they find themselves in, workplace tensions, educational demands, peer groups, home and personal life, etc. These pressures can hinder one’s wellbeing, and if untreated, may result in a wide range of psychological ailments such as stress, hypertension, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Mental health problems are rarely diagnosed and are instead stigmatized, thus worsening the situation.

SAJIDA Foundation believes in supporting the mental wellness needs of all individuals. The Foundation views psychosocial counseling as an effective tool to enhance well-being, coping strategies, self-awareness, personal growth, and healthy lifestyle choices. With this aim, SAJIDA Foundation established its Psychosocial Counseling Center in Dhaka, offering a range of counseling facilities by way of a team of qualified and experienced counselors. All client interactions and treatment details at the Psychosocial Counseling Center are kept strictly confidential.