Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households Towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH) is an integrated development project implemented by SAJIDA Foundation in partnership with Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). Inaugurated in September of 2013, the initiative is now in effect in Battazore Union under Bakshibong Sub-district of Jamalpur District. The program has a unique and inclusive approach to integrating an entire community. ENRICH unifies local governmental affiliates and relevant civic stakeholders in raising low-income households out of poverty. The program’s philosophy to cohere health, education, and youth development activities along with income generation strengthens the capacity of the poor and achieves sustainable results.

Major Project Components:

1. Health 2. Education
3. Youth Development 4. Solar Energy System
5. Bandhu Oven (Chula) Service 6. Community-Based Development Programs
7. Medicinal Plants (Basak) Cultivation 8. Special Savings
9. Training on IGA 10. Financial Assistance

Income Generation: Medicinal Plant Cultivation


Households in the target that are landless typically lack a reliable source of work. ENRICH has implemented a remarkable multi-party platform by brokering agreements with the Union Parishad (local government representatives) to allow the landless poor to cultivate medicinal plants on public road sides and highway banks. The project has also created forward linkages by soliciting offers from local pharmaceutical companies that directly purchase medicinal leaves from project beneficiaries. This integrated horticultural-venture by ENRICH provides all requisite financial and technical utilities to participating medicinal farmers. Profits accrued are shared by landless beneficiaries and government coffers (via the Union to the farmers. Earned income will be shared among the concerned farmers and Union Parished.

Health Services:

The project organizes satellite and static clinics in order to ensure basic healthcare provisions for project beneficiaries. In addition 4-6 wellness camps (workshops) are organized round the year to provide health aids to the beneficiaries.

Education Services:

In rural Bangladesh, primary school dropout rates continue to be alarmingly high. As poverty is the largest contributing factor to this phenomenon, the children of ENRICH’s target population are most vulnerable. As part of its holistic approach in bringing positive change to the lives of poor households, the project has launched specialized schools in every neighborhood of the Union. Children are scheduled daily lessons every afternoon. These institutions are designed to closely supervise and monitor every pupil to ensure that attendees receive all the assistance required to successfully complete their primary education.

Special Savings and Financial Assistance:

One of the objectives of ENRICH is to discourage unprofitable financial practices in low income populations. Poor households are unaccustomed to saving, due to a lack of sufficient income. Once project recruits begin to generate income from their activities, they are exposed to the concept of saving regularly. The goal is that if members become habituated to putting aside a portion of their earnings, after a certain period of time, they will accrue a matching sum from PKSF.