Services for SAJIDA Foundation

The Psychosocial Counseling and Awareness Program is actively involved in providing psychosocial support to various SAJIDA Foundation programs through workshops, trainings, orientation sessions, and direct counseling services.

Proshanti (Community Wellness Program)

The greatest vacuum in the availability of psychosocial support services lies within poor and marginalized populations. These populations struggle to meet even the most basic healthcare needs, inevitably shelving psychological needs in the list of health issues. Moreover, a lack of education and awareness means that psychological needs go unaddressed until the condition is severe. Even if issues are recognized, the stigma attached to psychological problems combined with limited access to services means that underprivileged populations have almost no access to psychosocial counseling support.

To address this gap, the Psychosocial Counseling Centre (PCC) designed an outreach program targeting SAJIDA Foundation’s microfinance members (beneficiaries), who belong to poor, vulnerable, and marginalized communities starting in 2012. Currently, as part of Proshanti (Community Wellness Program), The Centre trains SAJIDA Foundation’s community health works, known as SAJIDA Bondhus, on relevant psychosocial issues. SAJIDA Bondhus then provide psychosocial education and support to microfinance members in the form of courtyard meetings, informational brochure distributions, and home visits. SAJIDA Bondhus address important topics such as parent-child relationships, family violence and quarrel, family peace, and stress management, in order to raise awareness on psychosocial issues among microfinance members and their families. The program will soon reach 150 microfinance branches in various districts of Bangladesh.

Adhunika Women’s Centre, IMPACT, and Amrao Manush

PCC conducts psychosocial orientation sessions at the Adhunika Women’s Centre (a U.S. NGO funded Centre for the empowerment and education of young women) for each batch of participants. Session content is catered to address psychosocial issues faced by young women and includes topics such as an orientation to psychosocial counseling, mental health awareness, suicide prevention, relaxation, and self care.

As part of SAJIDA Foundation’s IMPACT Project, PCC conducts psychosocial educational sessions about child abuse and stress management with school-going and working children approximately 5 times per year.

PCC facilitates psychosocial trainings with staff from SAJIDA Foundation’s microfinance program (branch managers and field officers) on stress management and anger management in every coordination meeting.

The Centre also helps support the psychosocial needs of pavement dwellers under SAJIDA Foundation’s Amrao Manush project through needs assessments, trainings, and individual as well as group counseling sessions with program participants of various ages.