Recognizing the need to structure disaster response mechanisms in Bangladesh, SAJIDA Foundation has put into place a Disaster Response agenda that strives to carry out timely interventions in the wake of major disasters, humanitarian crises, and other national or local emergencies. The Disaster Response agenda not only seeks to provide immediate relief and rehabilitation support to the victims, but also seeks to help victims tackle the long-term effects of such events including psychological issues and traumas.


Floods and CyclonesFloods and Cyclones

Bangladesh is highly susceptible to the effects of climate change and natural disasters, resulting in increased occurrences of cyclones, floods, and droughts. As such, Sajida Foundation’s Disaster Response agenda strives to provide a timely and effective response to natural disasters. Under the agenda, relief and rehabilitation support have been provided to the victims of cyclone SIDR in 2007 and those affected by floods in 1998 and 2004.


Rana Plaza Disaster

Similar rehabilitation and support facilities were extended to the victims of the devastating Rana Plaza disaster. A team of health professionals from SAJIDA Foundation, including doctors, nurses, paramedics and psychosocial counselors, equipped with medical supplies, attended to the victims of the tragedy. The Foundation also provided rehabilitation and livelihood support to the survivors.




Floods and River Erosions

In partnership with Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) and the World Bank, SAJIDA Foundation has also undertaken an initiative to support the people affected by frequent floods and river erosion caused by fluxes in the rivers Jamuna and Brahmaputra. This initiative works to ease access to safe drinking water and propagate the need for sanitation and safe water practices. Interventions include disseminating information on these issues and locally installing deep tube wells and sanitary latrines. It also undertakes work to elevate courtyards and homesteads to minimise damage to homes during floods.



Click above to watch SAJIDA’s response for rehabilitation for the flood victims in the northern regions of the country (December 2017).