SAJIDA’s WASH project works with 12,000 employees of Ready Made Garments Factories to facilitate greater access to safe water, improve sanitation facilities and promote hygienic practices. Started in 2016, this project focuses on the Ashulia region in Savar which is home to a significant number of the country’s garments workers and aims to reach an estimated 21,000 family members of the workers indirectly along with the provision of direct intervention for the workers themselves. These efforts are intended to also contribute to the Government of Bangladesh’s national WASH plan as per the seventh 5 year plan (2016-2020).

This integrated WASH program combines health, education, nutrition and poverty reduction plans on improving access to WASH services and WASH Compliance in three factories by:

  1. Improving access to safe water while raising awareness regarding water safety and quality and integrated water resource management;
  2. Improving access to sanitation;
  3. Promoting rainwater harvesting to address water scarcity and to reduce reliance on
  4. Integrating WASH activities with health, nutrition and financial services focusing on women and
  5. Influencing local authorities to ensure WASH compliance in factories.



Sector Facilities in Number


Beneficiary Coverage


Water 5 284
Sanitation 3 1011
Hygiene 16882