SAJIDA’s Customer Loyalty Program for long-term Microfinance members was launched in the interest of sustainable development of its members and to reduce dropouts. It has been observed that clients who undertake different ventures with sporadic loans and partnerships with financial organizations are often unable to reach the fullest potential of their ventures that they might have otherwise achieved in their partnership with the organization. SAJIDA Foundation ensures savings programs, specific trainings and awareness programs that are pertinent to their development and drop-out clients and sporadic borrowers miss out on these integral issues without steady partnerships. This program provides “Loyal Clients” with a variety of additional facilities for their sustained growth and partnership with the organization. Under this program, clients have the opportunity to take loans with lesser or no interests, have educational and healthcare support which serves as an incentive in maintaining their partnership with SAJIDA. Clients will further be eligible to avail a grace period in repayment of their loans. Whereas regular clients need to make repayments on a weekly basis, Loyal Clients will have a longer repayment period so they would have the opportunity to utilize the entirety of their loans. Through this program, SAJIDA Foundation will have the opportunity to ensure steady development of the client so they are able to reach a point where they are able to become micro entrepreneurs on their own merit or graduate to a point of financial self-dependence.






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