Working with Women : Phase 2

Violence against women is a major global issue significantly impacting the health, wellbeing and rights of women around the world.


Promoting Sustainable Health and Nutrition Opportunities for Marginalized Urban Extreme Poor Population.

ILUEP-PDC (Amrao Manush)

Rapid urbanisation has been a key driver in the growth of Bangladesh’s Pavement Dweller communities.

Malaria Control

Malaria Elimination

In April 2008, SAJIDA Foundation joined a consortium of 20 NGOs implementing the Bangladesh Malaria Elimination Program


The rapid growth in the urban population has led to uncontrolled and unplanned urbanization.


Safe water, sanitation and hygiene are at the heart of sustainable development and critical to the survival of people and the planet.


SAJIDA Foundation’s Education program for underprivileged children started 30 years back with ten children in 1987

Disaster Response

Disaster Response

Recognizing the need to structure disaster response mechanisms in Bangladesh, SAJIDA Foundation has put into place a Disaster Response agenda