Depending on the intake-assessment and the need of the patients, the Elder care services are provided at three different levels.

Care Package Details Cost Per Shift (Amount in BDT.)
12 Hours 8 Hours 6 Hours
Level 1 – Caregiver Assistance with activities of daily living [ADL’s], range of motion exercises, walking, movement and positioning, oral feeding, recording and reporting vitals, and insulin administration (as directed by client/client’s family member) 975 775 725
Level 2 – Caregiver Experienced nurses or paramedic-level care for patients with Tube feeding, IV medication, Catheter care, wound care, suctioning and nebulization, personal hygiene, etc. 1,275 960 870
Level 3 – Caregiver Skilled Nursing, ICU Level Care, Infusion therapy, Home medical equipment use, wound care, pain management palliative care, suctioning and nebulization, strong nursing intuition for emergency Management 1,475 1,120 1,050
Special Service Consultant, Physiotherapist, Assistive Devices & Medical Supplies can be provided as per request Prices vary according to doctor and specialty.  Please contact us for further details.
Note: Subject to inflation adjustment every year in July. 
Rates are subject to change with a prior notice period of 2 months.
Above rates are effective from 1st of November, 2018.

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