Since 2013, SAJIDA Foundation has carried out activities under the Agricultural and Livestock Unit. The program focuses on development in farming and livestock rearing conventions to ensure food security. This includes awarding grants, training, attending demonstrations and learning about various innovative procedures through workshops, field visits and training exercises.


One of the major barriers to safe water and sanitation is affordable financing. In this circumstance, SAJIDA Foundation planned to develop and strengthen a loan program in to improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for people in need. It allows people in need to access loans for water facilities and improved sanitation system, empowering them to accelerate change in their own homes and communities – enabling a life of health and happiness. Since its birth, Apon now operates in 43 branches to reach the target of 12,000 beneficiaries in 3 years.


The word “Buniad” is “Foundation” in Bangla. Through Buniad, SAJIDA Foundation, provides flexible microcredit to the ultra-poor people. The main objective of Buniad is to support the ultra-poor people in a way to ensure capability of creating sustainable income opportunities and human dignity, while, lifting them out of extreme poverty. This loan is exclusive for ultra-poor beneficiaries. The ultra-poor loan ranges from Tk.5,000 to Tk.60,000 are given for refund within one year and service charge 20% (declining rate) per year.


People living abroad for work frequently send money to families living at home. Often these expatriates are the sole bread-earner of the family. History and recorded observations have seen delay in the process of transfer of remittance either because of the transfer of funds or even financial crisis faced by the sender. This often creates desperate scenarios for the families counting on the arrival of the funds. SAJIDA Foundation classifies the loans given at these circumstances as Remittance loan.



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