SAJIDA Foundation with the vision of “Health, Happiness & Dignity for All” has collaborated with Autism Recovery Network (ARN) has setup a centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh to provide world-class interventions for children with special needs. Behaviour (ABA-VB) therapy service provider in Asia for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or without formal diagnosis, including neurotypical children.

Mission Statement

“To meet the needs of children with autism, their families and carers by providing ABA-VB Therapy and Social Thinking Programs which are personal, professional & innovative”.

Guiding Principles

We believe that every child is a unique individual with different strengths and abilities, therefore we tailor our education programs to each individual child to provide a significant learning opportunities and benefits for him/her. With the right opportunities, the child will be able to maximize his/her potential

Individual ABA Program

Each child’s program is unique and tailored to their interests and their strengths. Your child’s ABA-VB program must be individualized to his/her specific needs, learning style, and motivation. Children who receive early intensive behavioural treatment have been shown functional gains in IQ, language, academic performance, and adaptive behaviour as well as some improvement of social behaviour. 

Social Learning class

The social learning class is a group program is designed for children who need additional support in developing social skills. The goal is to aid children in becoming socially skilled and to acquire the ability to respond the social environment in a manner they produces, maintains and enhances positive interpersonal relationships. Stories, games, crafts, songs & videos are used to teach and enhance social skills including social referencing, listening, asking questions, responding to questions, joining a group, consequential skills and play are taught.

Shadow Teaching

We provide additional support in the class to help fill in the gap in the learning process, help in building self-confidence to promote positive interaction in the classroom by helping the student focus on the important concept and overall help the student to develop academic and social skills. The shadow teacher also helps the student be prepared and organized for class and guides the main teacher to handle challenging behavior the student might display during the class.

Social Thinking Program

Social Thinking addresses the social learning and social interaction challenges that some special needs children with average or high levels of ability face. This includes, for example, coaching students to recognize verbal and nonverbal communication cues (e.g., eye movements, tone, gestures) and grasping the non-literal meaning of a statement. Successful social thinkers consider the points of view, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, prior knowledge and intentions of others. Children who are taught with this strategy are expected to develop the ability to recognize the different levels of their own and others’ social minds; to manage their behaviors for more rewarding social outcomes while considering how others perceive and respond to them; and to adapt to people and situations around them, from formal to casual settings.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been shown to be the most researched and scientifically proven intervention to-date for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder ( ASD) or developmental delay.

ABA is a science of learning and behaviour which involves application of principles of learning to improve socially important behaviour to a meaningful degree and to demonstrate scientifically that the procedures used are responsible for the change in behaviour. It looks at what causes a behaviour ( antecedent) and what happens after a behaviour ( consequence). The methods of ABA are applied by breaking down skills into simple steps and teaching each step in succession.

Inner Circle uses WebABBLS to design, coordinate, develop & monitor Individualized Education Programs. Both therapists and parents have access to WebABLLS. Through this system, it easier to share accurate information about the child and their progress.

Inner Circle

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