As of August 2019



Human Resources

Head Office9137128


Achievements as of August, 2019
No of District Covered (Out of 64)21
Total No of Branch Office 223
Total No of Member (all active)360,887
Total No of Borrower (current)295,556
Total Loan Outstanding Balance15,415,459,654
Total Amount Disbursed (on this month)2,132,238,000
Total Member Savings Balance3,812,970,778
Portfolio-At-Risk (PAR30)5.35%
On Time Recovery (OTR)97.67%
Caseload Per Credit Officer246

Amrao Manush

Achievements as of August, 2019
Districts Covered2
Total No of Pavement Dweller Center7
Participants received basic necessities19,836
Total Day Care Service received1,886
Completed EPI90%
Total member received savings interest (BDT)2,041,652
Participates Received Health care14,838


Achievements as of August 2019
ANC & PNC Service Provided(HEALTH SHEET of FTP)11,701
Static & Satellite Clinic Organized2,039
Patients Received Health Services44,848
Operation done for Cataract Patient357
Education Center40
Sanitary Latrine Constructed53
Tube well Installed45
HH based Sanitary Latrine Constructed500
Beggar Rehabilitated11
Vocational Training Provided17

Agriculture & Livestock

Achievements as of August, 2019
Technology Demonstration on Agriculture682
Technology Demonstration on Fish culture208
Technology Demonstration on Livestock & Poultry837
Farmers received training on Agriculture Livestock & Poultry6,511


Achievements as of August, 2019
Specialist Doctors31
Total Hospital Admission71,126
Cataract surgeries performed5,734
Population covered (est)2.32 million
Patients treated1,823,091
Normal deliveries performed5,006
Cesarean deliveries performed18,689

Working With Women Phase Two

Achievements as of August, 2019
Worker Orientation on Gender based Violence & Mental Health2432 persons
Para-Counselor Training15 persons
Mid-Level Management Training77 persons
World Mental Health Day Observation100 persons
Training of Mental Health First Aid41 persons
Para-counseling by Welfare-officer86 persons
Anti-Harassment Committee Formation & Training58 committee

Malaria Control

Achievements as of August, 2019
Population covered785,983
Households covered169,437
Labs established03
Lab center functioning03
Blood slides examined62,525
Blood slides positive322
Rapid Diagnostic Test performed23,144
Rapid Diagnostic Test positive199
Long lasting insecticide net (LLIN) distributed104,002
Ordinary nets treated32,675
Popular theatre & folk songs organized14
Orientation on malaria prevention & control48
Orientation of village doctors on malaria management20
Advocacy workshop9

Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Achievements as of August, 2019
School water facility51
School sanitation facility51
Community water facility6,355
Community sanitation facility3,670
Beneficiary Coverage (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)192,252
Training, Campaign and Day Observation (School, Community, Factory)58
Number of Water Credit Loan12,865
Water Credit Loan AmountTk. 623,966,000
Public/Mobile Toilet user3,982,865
Water Connection Legalization12