Our Work

Catalysing Entrepreneurship

Facilitating job creation and improving other economic opportunities for our targeted beneficiaries by expanding access to finance for micro, small and medium enterprises.



Investing in underserved communities and unlocking the potential of promising micro-initiatives

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Agriculture-Banner Image SAJDIA


Making farming and livestock rearing more efficient and profitable

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Impact Partners

Working to scale early-stage social enterprises, start-ups and non-profits through a blended financing and business development services program with an impact first approach

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Empowering Communities

Enabling communities to have agency over their own development, be their own drivers for change and instill a vested interest in their own futures.

Urban Extreme Poverty Alleviation Banner

Poverty Alleviation

Providing data-driven, targeted solutions to the urban poor through livelihood development, education, health & wellbeing community mobilisation, and service integration

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Climate Change & Disaster Management

Addressing the freshwater crisis, providing access to physical & mental healthcare services, and supporting climate-resilient livelihood opportunities for climate-vulnerable communities in remote areas

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Fostering Equity

Rebalancing and redistributing opportunities to ensure marginalized and underserved groups have improved access to essential public services.



Providing universal access to safe drinking water, sanitation and adequate hygiene services, which are essential to sustainable development, and critical for survival.

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SAJIDA Mental Health Programme

Taking an ecosystem approach to address the dearth of mental health professionals, access to clinical services and functional recovery focused facilities

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Ensuring quality medical healthcare that is inclusive and affordable for all income groups

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Enterprises for Good

Promoting socially responsible through direct investment and strategy guidance to ensure gaps are being met with quality and efficacy.

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Social Enterprise

Consistently working towards ensuring a life of health, happiness and dignity for the people of Bangladesh through its specialised services system

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Inner Circle Ltd.

Providing early interventions for children with special needs, developmental delays and mental health concerns

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Psychological Health & Wellness Clinic (PHWC) Ltd.

A one-stop Centre for treatment of individuals experiencing psychological distress of any nature

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Home and Community Care Ltd. (HCCL)

Catering to the needs of the elderly and chronically-ill; through in-home caregivers, nurses, and doctors

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Renata Ltd.

Renanta Ltd.

Leading and fastest growing pharmaceutical and animal health product companies in Bangladesh

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Appinion Bd Ltd.

Creating Dynamic and Innovative Solutions

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