It is mandatory for all members of the Microfinance program to save a minimum of BDT 300,  (increases on the basis of loan category) with a return of 6% interest. The practice of savings plays an important role in the sustainable development of our members and in minimizing any livelihood shocks.


For members who wish to save in large amounts, this is the scheme that their savings fall under. Any member with a minimum saving of BDT 5000 and any amount falls under the Astha scheme. The interest rates go up to 11% according to the money saved.


In addition to regular savings, an optional savings scheme called ‘Samriddhi’ for the needs of members who want to save more. Any member can avail this savings at any time with a minimum of BDT 200 and a maximum of BDT 10,000 with an interest return of up to 9%.



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